Central Florida’s Leading Wellness Center for the Sexually Active Adult, Comprehensive and STD Screening and Care, Hepatitis, HIV and Other Infectious Diseases

Orlando Immunology Center, or simply OIC, is a part of Infectious Disease Consultants (IDC, PA), the largest private infectious diseases practice in Florida with over 45+ years of experience, and 14 board certified physicians, 3 of them providing HIV medical care. In addition, IDC offers in-patient and out-patient consultations and follow-up care, to patients suspected or diagnosed with an infectious condition.

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• Travel Health Medicine

• Outpatient IV Infusion

OIC, is one of the most recognized and successful HIV, hepatitis and STD centers in the country, with a nationwide reputation of clinical practice prevention and treatment options. We treat a variety of infectious diseases including bacterial and viral infections such as HIV and hepatitis.

Our physicians are committed to providing you with the best possible care!

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