We are continuing the NBHAAD conversation and following up on our 2018 blockbuster Facebook Live Event. Last year for National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD) we assembled powerhouses in HIV education, prevention, medical care and advocacy to discuss the most important issues facing the community. This year we are continuing the NBHAAD conversation because the collaboration last year was so phenomenal. We are bringing back three of our panelist to follow up on issues from last year. Panelist will discuss what’s been accomplished and what else needs to be done.

Continuing the NBHAAD Conversation in 2019 –

Join us for our Facebook Live Event Wednesday, February 7th, 2019 at 5pm.

You will not want to miss this social media event with:

Charlotte-Paige Rolle, MD MPH
Director of Research Operations
Orlando Immunology Center (OIC)

Shaundia White, MS, MHA
Regional Director – Central Florida
AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Andrea Dunn, Pharm D
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist
Florida Hospital
and Founder of Let’s Beehive, Inc.

These are all credentialed experts in their field. They are on the front lines of HIV prevention and care. Each has been apart of developing innovate approaches to address HIV in the black community. All three have been recognized by their professional associations for their accomplishments. They have worked around the world and are bringing that expertise to Orlando.

There’s no moderator, no prepared questions and no rules. Nothing is off topic for these professionals which include a Harvard graduate, a pharmacist that created a HIV nonprofit plus a regional director from the worlds largest HIV nonprofit. They are going to go far beyond the typical conversations on HIV, HIV Prevention, Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), Specialized Primary Care, medication adherence or Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP).

What is NBHAAD?

NBHAAD is a national HIV testing and treatment community mobilization initiative targeted at Blacks in the United States and the Diaspora and is held every year on February 7th. This Facebook Live Event for NBHAAD 2019 will bring into sharp focus the importance elevating the discussion around the HIV epidemic in Central Florida.

The goal of this Facebook Live event is to normalize the conversation around HIV and provide information and education to as broad of an audience as possible and deliver it to people where ever they are most comfortable viewing.

How was NBHAAD 2018 a “Blockbuster”? You and Social Media, of course!

It was a HERSTORIC FIRST. It was the first time in Orlando’s history that a professional group of minority women was brought together and Live streamed. It has become probably the most watch video on this subject matter in Orlando.  It is also one of the first and most successful uses of social media to engage Orlando in the HIV conversation. Multiple organizations implemented a coordinated marketing strategy across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to reach as many people as possible. It worked.

OIC’s 2018 NBHAAD Social Media Impact

Social media empowers the audience to get information on demand and at their convenience. It meets the viewer where they are, not where we think they should be. At home, on the bus, with family, in the bathroom or hanging with friends – its always at your finger tips. It has no boundaries.

OIC has been a pioneer in the prevention, evaluation and treatment of STI’s for over 20 years. Our social media presence is an simply an expression of our drive to end HIV and always improve the patient experience. Our unique, original content has accurate medical information you can trust. For the last 3 years, we have been at the forefront of utilizing social media in healthcare. Introducing thousands to important healthcare information for the first time. Thanks to you, in 2018, our social media for NBHAAD reached more people than ever before and more than any other organization. We will continue to explore innovative media platforms to deliver top quality healthcare information to everyone, everywhere. Lets break down the social media impact you helped us achieve:

Our 2018 collaboration team – from left to right – Jose Delacuesta, Rose Hernado, Dr. Charlotte-Paige Rolle, Dr Suzy Boules, Shaudia White MS, MHA, Andrea Dunn, Pharm D, and Sam Graper

Facebook Video and Event –

  • Reached over 11,500 people
  • Over  5,000 views
  • Over 9,600 minutes watched
  • Over 700 engagements

Total Social Media Impact –

  • Reached over 17,700 people
  • Over 5,850 video views (Main audience 18-34 year olds)
  • Over 10,100 minutes of videos watched
  • Over 1,200 engagements

Thank You For Being So Social

None of this would have been possible without the most important ingredient – YOU! This simply reinforces the idea that if you create great content with qualified professionals people will be engaged. Thank you Orlando for your overwhelming response! Especially to those that follow our social media daily. We hope this gives a better understanding of how important each of you are. Every post, every “reaction”, “like” comment and share has a ripple effect allowing more people t see how to end HIV. Last year you helped us reach over 17,700 people and this year we want to reach even more!

Resources –

Join us this year as we continue the NBHAAD conversation on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Sam Graper
Community Relations Manager
Orlando Immunology Center

Our Team
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