STD Awareness Month Orlando Immunology Center

OIC is excited to be joining with the CDC and other national organizations to be supporting STD Awareness Month 2018 with this year’s theme: Treat Me Right. The CDC created STD Awareness Month in April to raise awareness about STDs and increase education, prevention, testing and treatment in the community. STDs are at a record high across the nation and in Central Florida so it’s never been more important for patients to get educated and for providers to protect patients’ sexual health. It’s an opportunity for providers like OIC to work with the community to raise awareness and ensure that patients are educated, properly diagnosed and treated for STDs. For community members, those that work in the field, and advocates, it’s an opportunity to raise awareness that STDs are at a record high and what each person can do to reduce them.

Fast Facts about STDs in the US*

• 4.7% increase in Chlamydia since 2015

• 18.5% increase in Gonorrhea since 2015

• 17.5% increase in Syphilis since 2015

Treat Me Right

The theme for STD Awareness Month 2018, Treat Me Right, focuses on the importance of the relationship between the patient and provider. For the patients, this means being educated about what you can do to stay healthy and prevent STDs and how to directly ask their provider for the care that they need and deserve. For providers, this involves many aspects of patient care – like providing a safe, comfortable environment to foster a trusting patient-provider relationship which allows for more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

We understand the importance of the relationship between the patient and provider, especially regarding sexual health. OIC has cultivated an inclusive, safe, non-judgmental environment so that all patients feel safe to have open and courageous conversations with their providers. This comfortable environment is a critical component in providing the best options individualized to each patient. Our patients say it best –

Everyone is warm, funny, knowledgeable, professional and they don’t judge…it’s the only doctors office that I’ve felt completely comfortable enough to talk about what’s really going on. – Jesus C. Yelp 3/26/18

For over 18 years, OIC has been a leader in the prevention, evaluation and treatment of STDs in Central Florida helping us become one of the most recognized and successful sexual health providers in the country. OIC is thrilled that the CDC has created an awareness month to focus on the rapidly increasing STD rates in the US. Whether your a local organization, advocate, provider or community member, we hope you join us in this campaign to reduce STDs in Central Florida because we need everyone!

What I can Do:

  1. Talk – Talk to my doctor about STDs
  2. Test – Get tested regularly for STDs
  3. Treat – Get treatment if necessary
  4. Share – this information with a friend or sexual partner
  5. Check back on our channels below for updates through out the month – on topics like ‘STD’ and ‘STI‘, PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis), PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis), HPV, HIV, Clinical Research and much more!
  6. Post – Post and share on social media using the hashtags #STDMonth18 #TreatMeRight #OICorlando

*According to the CDC.