You deserve the best LGBT doctor

Certainly there should be no secrets to finding the best LGBT doctor or ally for you. So no matter where you fall on the LGBT or ally spectrum, you deserve great medical care. Period. However, if you’re a part of this community you already know how hard it is to find a great LGBT doctor or ally that truly understands you. In short, that ends today.

For example, many of the “finding the best LGBT doctor” lists are focusing on big cities. As a result, they leave out the vast majority of the country. Therefore, creating quick tips that people can use everywhere is critical to  better healthcare. So before we get started finding the best LGBT doctor for you here are some things to consider:

Things to consider when finding the best LGBT Doctor 

1. YOU are in charge! So get educated and empowered!
2. Ask how many LGBT patients they have.
3. Have they received cultural humility training?
4. Is there diversity and inclusion at every level?
5. Is there staff bilingual?
6. How long have they been in business?  Similarly, how long has the provider been there?
7. Is their practice info the same everywhere you review? As a result, it could be a sign of disorganization.
8. How many providers do they have? For example, if you don’t “click” with a provider do they have other providers?
9. Verify they take your insurance or have other payment options.
10. WRITE REVIEWS!!!! Help your community OUT! (Literally!) In other words, patient reviews make it easier to verify that they are LGBT or ally. (And no, that scribble you left on the bathroom wall last week doesn’t count.)

12 Secrets to Finding the Best LGBT Doctor for You

The Secrets is Out and so Are We

It is not easy to find a great LGBT doctor. In short, the main reason there were “12 secrets” to finding the best LGBT doctor or ally for you is because we don’t talk about it.

So that ends today.

With you.

No more secrets. Share your health. Share your Pride.

Sam Graper,
Community Relations Manager, 
Orlando Immunology Center
Proudly Serving the LGBT for Over 20 Years

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