2017 HIV Medication Guide Orlando Immunology Center

2017 HIV Medication Guide

Here is POZ Magazines 2017 HIV Medication Guide for quick reference to HIV medication options.

We’ve come a long way in the treatment of HIV. Today, there are many safe and effective drugs on the market that are easy to take and have fewer side effects. It’s very important to get onto treatment as soon as possible. Your doctor will guide you as to which medication is best suited to your specific needs. This HIV Medication List also provides important information about:

  1. Starting HIV treatment
  2. Treatment as Prevention
  3. Talking to Your Healthcare Provider

Orlando Immunology Center is here for anyone in the community or organization that has questions about HIV treatment. Please contact our Community Relations Manager, Sam Graper via email at sgraper@oicorlando.com.

POZ Magazine’s 2017 List of HIV Medications