Queen Bee Educates; Redefining Women’s HIV Advocacy

Dr. Andrea Dunn

A mother discovers her inner “Queen Bee” and creates a buzz worthy approach to educate women and children about good health and HIV. A honey of a story.

The Queen has arrived and she has a message for you. Let’s Be HIV Educated Simple. Direct. Buzz worthy. But we all know things are never that simple. Today, on National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NWGHAAD), we’re going share one woman’s remarkable story. Actually, this is the bee-ginning.

Who is the Queen Bee?

Dr. Andrea Dunn is a mother, a doctor, an active community member and the Founder, CEO, and the “Queen Bee” of Let’s Beehive! Earning her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Howard University and specializing in Pediatric Pharmacy was a hard won dream. While working in pediatrics, she had several experience with infants living with HIV that had a profound effect on her. She saw a lack of education and information and wanted to help her community. She created Let’s Beehive!

What’s Let’s Beehive?

Its a non-profit organization dedicated to educating people HIV. There goal is to collaborate with schools, healthcare agencies, and other community-based organizations to increase HIV awareness. Through effective outreach strategies and innovative risk reduction classes, we strive to empower at risk populations disproportionately affected with HIV/AIDS to make better choices when engaging in sexual encounters in efforts to reduce transmission of new HIV infections.

What’s the Buzz?

She’s just starting a campaign called “PREPALICIOUS” focusing on educating women about Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). She also has a new book coming out called “She is PREPALICIOUS”. With her amazing talent, vision and drive bee-prepared…this is just the bee-ginning.


Sam Graper
Orlando Immunology Center
Community Relations Manager