Not exactly. A new study reveals troubling insights plus we’ll give quick tips for better health.

The Health of Millennials is incredible, Right? For example, you can’t get on social media without seeing a check in at a fitness studio. Or striking a perfect forearm-stand Scorpion Pose. But are these Insta moments giving us an accurate picture?

There have been many studies about the health of millennials which is roughly about 73 million Americans. But a new study of 55 million commercially insured millennials by Blue Cross is creating better insights into some surprising facts. For this study about the health of millennials, it includes people between born from 1983-1998 (between 21 and 36). It also compares the data to Generation X. Which includes people born from the mid ’60 to the mid ’80s. So with all this new information, the health of millennials: its good…right?

The Bad News Is . . .

Overall millennials are healthy – until 27. After that, their health goes into a steep decline when compared to their Gen X counterparts at the same age. Furthermore, aging alone cannot account for this rise. They saw a double digit increase in major depression, substance and tobacco use disorders, hypertension, hyperactivity, Crohn’s disease, high cholesterol, and Type II diabetes. A double digit increase in one major health condition is bad but across seven is alarming.

There is a double digit prevalence rate increase in 7 of the top 10 health conditions

But the troubling double digit increases about the health of millennials doesn’t end there. Orlando’s millenials are in the middle of a dramatic increase in Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI or STD). According to the Florida Department of Health (FDOH), STD rates are increasing across all groups but the most striking increase is among millenials. Here are the numbers:

Orlando STI Rates from 2014-2017 in Millenials (People aged 21-36)

    • Early Syphilis – 70% Increase (2)
    • Gonorrhea – 67% Increase (2)
    • Chlamydia – 35% Increase (2)
    • HIV – 34% Increase (2)

The Center for Disease Control estimates that there are over 110 million Americans living with an STD. In addition, there were about 20 million new cases in 2017.

The Good News is . . .

Overall millenials are healthy, well, up until 27 at least. But now we have this information about the health of millennials that highlights some big health issues that could make a major impact. Once aware, people can make better health decisions based on this information. No matter what your age, its time to take charge of your health.

And The Great News About The Health of Millennials Is . . .

Many of these health issues can be minimized and/or completely eliminated. The health of millennials comes down to one thing – Prevention. Prevention takes a proactive approach to your health. Thinking “I’m active and feel great – I don’t need a doctor!” or “when I’m sick, I’ll go to the doctor then” is outdated. Today, preventative medicine or Specialized Primary Care, emphasizes comprehensive ongoing wellness which includes routine evaluations and screenings. As a result, it builds a strong partnership with a doctor you trust that empowers you to prevent health issues, detect them early and treat them promptly which minimizes their impact to your health. Here are 3 quick tips to take charge of your health today!

3 Quick Tips to Improve Your Health Today

    1. Get Informed – Learn more about about the health of millennials from quality resources like the CDC.
    2. Routine Medical Visits – Start seeing a medical provider before you’re sick. Prevention is key! Ask your doctor if they are Board Certified.
    3. Stay Engaged – Now that your learning more about your health, keep up the good work. Be open and honest with your provider and ask questions.

Knowing your healthy from the inside out can bring peace of mind, turning those ‘Insta moments’ into memories that will last a very long, healthy life. And isn’t that something we’d all like to picture?

Sam Graper,
Community Relations Manager,
Orlando Immunology Center

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