Why OIC’s Community Advisory Board Continues to Grow

Some might wonder why a private medical practice has a Community Advisory Board (CAB) so let’s start the beginning. Many simply know Orlando Immunology Center (OIC) as a great doctor’s office, but, surprise, the entire 3rd floor works to shape the future of healthcare through clinical research. Beginning over 20 years ago, OIC’s Clinical Research Department focuses on the treatment and prevention of HIV, Hepatitis, new vaccines, cardiovascular disease in people living with HIV, HIV prevention and studies on other medical conditions. Universities with major medical institutions are normally conducting this type of clinical research. Orlando didn’t have a major medical institution until recently and that’s where OIC’s team steps in. OIC has become the leader in medical research in Central Florida providing the community with safe, effective and innovative treatments that would not be possible.

Determined to Make Difference

In the last 20 years, OIC has built a solid reputation both nationally and globally in the clinical research community. We may be smaller than big city facilities but our Medical Director, Dr. Edwin DeJesus, continuing determination has a created a world class research facility right here in Orlando. Since we’re not a big city research facility we can remain focused on what’s most important – you, the patient. It’s been a team effort creating a patient focused, welcoming environment for success. The Clinical Research Team‘s drive comes from a passion educate, empower patients and discover safe and effective treatments. Working closely with our Medical Clinic, they deliver an easy and seamless research and medical experience.

Why OIC’s Community Advisory Board Continues to Grow

Perhaps the most important component is you, the community member. Our Clinical Research Department works very hard partnering with community members to continue the success of the last 20 years. Every year, thousands of community members volunteer to join studies and we are incredibly grateful to each person that participates. In addition, many in the community have served on the Community Advisory Board making important recommendations on everything from informed consent, improving recruitment strategies and marketing language. OIC’s Community Advisory Board continues to grow because community input is extremely valuable. The CAB recently met to engage the community in the ongoing research and develop strategies to foster the CAB’s growth.

What is a CAB?

A CAB is a group of diverse community members that provide community information and assist the research team. While the benefits of being a CAB member are immeasurable, a few are joining the global effort to end HIV, shaping clinical research, helping your community and learning “what’s next”.

What does a CAB do?

The CAB is independent of the research facility, voluntary and community driven.  Members can be as active as they chose. They create a robust link between their community and clinical research. Most of the work of the CAB is conducted via email but a CAB can meet as often as they deem necessary, typically 4 times a year.

Typical Responsibilities of CAB Member

  1. Become a vital link between the community and research team
  2. Be the “voice” of the community, providing a different perspective in the development of research steps
  3. Help find and express to the research team the issues and concerns within the community
    Apply community knowledge to the entire project
  4. Give feedback on aspects of the design of the research study from the “community point of view”
  5. Help get participants involved in the study
  6. Learn about clinical research and its local and global impact
  7. Assist in sharing information with the community
  8. Get the community excited and interested in the research study

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