Best of Luck, Love Your Family

We’re a family. And just like every family, we go through triumph and tragedy together – sometimes both in the same day. Today is one of those days as we wish someone we love best of luck on their new adventure.

Omar Marquez, LPN, CCRC, one of our Clinical Research Coordinators, is stepping into his new adventure out West. Omar has been with OIC for over 17 years. So he’s no longer a “Clinical Research Coordinator”. In other words, he’s a brother, a mentor, an uncle, a teacher, a son, a brother in law you never had and a best friend. He’s a jokester and made us not take ourselves too seriously. Above all, he brings light and laughter into every situation. In addition, his family has become part of our family and we’ve become part of theirs. So today is bittersweet, it’s the joy of seeing someone you love succeed and grow. But the sorrow comes when the growth is in a new direction.

Omar Treats Everyone Like Family

His work as a Clinical Research Coordinator is exceptional. He’s knowledgeable, friendly and passionate about his work. In addition, he’s naturally disarming helping create a safe environment for everyone – straight, gay, LGBT, young and old. As a result, his patients adore him. Moreover, Omar always takes time to listen without judgement. Explaining in detail the studies, expectations and answers all their questions. Then helps them solve whatever issue they might be having or link them to services they might need like PrEP, HIV treatment, or community food services. Over the years, Omar has helped thousands of people. He gives his heart just as freely with them as with us. Because of his giving heart, we thought it was appropriate for us to share his good bye.

OIC and the entire community will miss him. So as a family, perhaps this isn’t good bye, it’s just “can’t wait to see you again”.

As we collectively hold back tears, we wish him and his family the best of luck on their new adventure.

Sam Graper,
Community Relations Manager, 
Orlando Immunology Center
Proudly Serving the LGBT for Over 20 Years

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